Studio Facilities

Main Studio :

Dimensions 5m x 9m x12.5m

Mixing Console :

D&R Octagon 48 Busses, 48 Dual Line Input Module
Octagon is D&R’s latest digitally controlled analogue film

Sound Format :

Dolby Digital 5.1 and Digital Surround EX

Recorders :

Pro Tools 9.0.3

TC Electronic :

Mainframe System 6000 Master 5.1 Digi effects
ICON Hardwave, MD5.1 Licensed and LEXICON 480
And Protools Plug Ins.

Projectors :

Nova V1 35mm Rock and Roll High Speed Dubbing
Mixing Projector Sony
Multiscan Video Projector
Dorame V1 Digital Video Recorder / Player
(Digital File Transfer to our studios available via Smartjog)

We Could Do It,

has been our Motto. The Ramindra Sound Recording Studios has always been accepted and well-trusted from the Thai and Asian Film makers alike. As it could be seen from honored rewards ;

Our Studios