History of Ramindra Sound Recording Studios

Ramindra Sound Recording Studios was founded in 1971. Mr. Pong set up his own studio that located in Ramindra Nivej, Bangkok. It started out as a small sound studio, the studio could only accommodate recording dialogue, music and effect for Thai Films, and later expended into foreign countries sound mixing. In the year of 1990, Hollywood Distributors in Thailand have entrusted Ramindra Sound Recording Studios for dubbing and mixing, which they supplied M&E, in Thai mono version.

In the year of 1994, Ramindra Sound Recording Studios was the first studio in Thailand to receive a license to mix sounds in DOLBY STEREO (SR) by DOLBY LABORATORIES INC. (England).

In the year of 1995, Ramindra Sound Recording Studios received the permission to mix sounds in DOLBY DIGITAL SR-D.

In the year of 1999, The Studio upgraded to DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX.

In the year of 2003, impressed by the Studio’s high quality work. DOLBY LABORATORIES INC., (England), installed the new equipments, DOLBY DIGITAL MASTER UNIT (DMU), the first in Thailand. The Dolby Mastering Unit (DMU) is suitable for use in any application where high-quality Dolby Film sound encoding and monitoring of DOLBY DIGITAL, DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX and DOLBY SR ANALOG is required.

Achieving over the course of his long career as a sound technician, Mr. Pong Asvinikul was discovered by Mr. Ratana Pestonji who is himself one of the most important figures in Thai Film History for being the founder, leader, and the great inspiration of Thai Films industry. In 1952 was turning point in Mr. Pong Asvinikul’s carrer when he worked with Mr. Ratana. Pulling from his previous experiences, he quickly advanced and was put in charge of sound post production. Mr. Pong soon became as expert, and is now recognized as on of the best in Thailand. Between in 1970 to in 1976, Mr. Pong has mastered in Thai Scenes in the production of 35 mm. sound film, due to that the 16 mm. film has come and end.